The organising committee of Balelec Festival is fully composed of volunteers, most of whom are students. Split into five major departments, the fifty-odd members work year-round to prepare this event.

With a yearly turnover of roughly fifteen people, there is a great combination of shared experience and innovative concepts within the association. Passion and commitment enable us to overcome new challenges which can occur for each edition of the festival. This also allows us to provide you with an even greater and unique show.

The festival assembly is achieved within a week, while we have only 2 days to dismantle the vast majority of the festival. To do so, the committee invites over 350 volunteers and 50 professionals to help in these monumental tasks. If you also want to take part in this grand adventure, feel free to browse our Staff page!

President David Borgeaud
Administrator Vincent Tonini
Treasurer Jonathan Giezendanner
Vice-President Promotion / Sponsoring Laurette Rohrbach
Vice-President Logistics Sonia Dupuis
Vice-President Animation Valentin Nigolian
Grande Scène Stephane Chorowicz
Scène Azimuts Eléa Dheilly
Scène Squatt Jean du Marais
RedOx Club Giuliano Binda
Les Nomades Raphaël Lemerle
Lounges Arthur Halleux
Decoration Marie Willemin / Julien Marin-Cudraz
Lighting Antoine Durieux
Electricity Alejandro Monterrubio
Material Ludovic Giezendanner
Paralogistics Peter Boys
Site Sarah Dornberger / Ivan Pantelic
Sono-light Charly Barral
Stands Christel Chappuis / Othman Bennaghmouch
Structures Aurélie Mermillod
Security Sylvain Rosset / Nathan Auberson
Transport & Circulation Anh-Dao Nguyen / Marilyne Putallaz
Signalisation Louise Chassouant
Graphic Desig Arseni Fedosseev / Ana Frei
Press Diego Pasquier / Elliot Riva
Public relations Alexandre Rychner
Multimedia Louis Rouquette
Sponsoring Marc-Olivier Busslinger / Alexandre Truan
Webmaster Raphael Frei
Internal Catering Adrien Favre
IT Services Francesco Monti / Clément Nussbaumer

Human resources

Dounia Droubi