On May 12th the EPFL campus will transform into a massive music festival !

From EDM to Rock, through Rap, Hip Hop and Reggae, all musical styles will be represented on our 3 stages and 1 club. Over 15 different acts and 15’000 festivalgoers for one night only! Balélec isn’t only the biggest event at EPFL but also the biggest student-organized festival in Europe !

Such an event doesn’t organize itself, heading the project is a association made up of a little under 50 students who have spent the year organizing and planning out the event.

Just as important are the 350 volunteers who join the adventure during our week of installation preceding the festival and participate in the metamorphosis of the campus ! This is the best way to experience the festival and find out what really happens backstage.

In short, Balélec is made-up of passionate people for an event that simply cannot be missed !

The association

Balélec is also a non-profit organization that reunites a little under 50 students to prepare and organize the festival all through the year. The association recrutes some 350 volunteers to help transform the campus into a festival during the week leading-up to the festival. These lucky few get to experience a festival behind the scenes and truly live the Balélec experience to its fullest.

Sustainable Development

Balélec Festival has commits to better itself not only on an environmental level, but also on social and economical ones. We always strive to be a responsible festival, rational and forward-looking and conscious of our future. We have made huge progress in the last few years in our waste management, in limiting noise nuisance, offering recyclable glasses and dishes, etc. whilst fostering stronger relationships and conversations with our partners and different entities on our campus. Balélec is proof that partying can always be responsible and accountable.

Goals for 2023

  • Zero noise exceedances : Continuous dB(A) measurements during the evening

  • 5 on-site water distribution points

  • 100% of Crissier's and Chavanne's newspapers announcing the event
  • 0 complaints for illegal parking around the festival
  • Permanent contact with 1 representative of the neighbourhood

  • 5 surveys sent to volunteers, partners, members of the association, associations responsible
  • 100% of complaints are accounted for
  • 100% of complaints get a response in 5 days or less
  • 1 festival improvement research project linked with EPFL

  • 100% of volunteers sign the charter and are aware of their task inherent risks

  • 95% of festival goers use soft mobility

  • 100% of posters and flyers made of recycled paper

  • 1 local stage : 100% of the bands come from Switzerland
  • 4 different music styles are represented

  • 90% of members are students
  • 50% of members already have 1 year of experience in Balélec’s committee
  • 4 internal audits carried out during the year
  • 100% of incidents reported
  • 100% of committee members trained in the basics of safety and rescue
  • 1 internal catering manager trained in kitchen hygiene and safety

Anyway, Balélec is an event you can't miss !